His Words Don’t Fall to Time

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 20.40.39.png

Ignacio Benito

His Words Don’t Fall to Time, 2018

Acrylic Paint, Foam Board, Cardboard, Paper
In 2011 I had flown into Panama after abandoning everything I had ever known. Coming here had not been my choice, yet it were the words of a single man who would make me feel at home in a new school, amongst the hundreds of strangers I saw every day. Our Rugby coach would bid us to stand around to listen to him for a mere five minutes. His words echo with me still, his speech a reminder of the comradery needed to be part of this brethren, “you must run by each other, fall for each other, rise by one another; you’re one.” A depiction of this moment from the mind of a child, a memory so cherished, held onto for years as a reminder. I stood around, committing each and every word to memory for years to come.



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