Reading Log #4 – A Long Way Gone

The end of Ishmael’s story approaches, but that of thousands of children who are still reminiscing over the atrocities they have had to endure. Ishmael will go on to represent those who have suffered alongside him, and he will bridge the gap between those that endure the fate of war and those who observe from continents away. But the greatest danger to him now isn’t war, but skepticism and ignorance.


The ignorance of some may strike his heart: “He was naive about the reality I was trying to explain to him.”


I wonder whether if he is conscious that not everyone he will meet will understand the horrors that he has endured. His words made me think that we may live in a world of blissful ignorance which allows us not to have to live in a world plagued by famine, pain, and war. I feel that he will only grasp the worlds state of ignorance once he confronts bureaucracy and skepticism in a world that is utterly foreign to him. He has lived a war of pain, but he will recover, he simply must. In my opinion, Ishmael is a beacon of hope for those that are persecuted by the endless demons of war that inhabit the torched villages.


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