Reading Log #3 – A Long Way Gone

It is yet another block of  A Long Way Gone that chills my bones word for word, page by page. Ishmael’s story has taken a drastic turn, as he begins to leave behind his war-torn past he’s increasingly aware of just how alone he has been left in a world he does not recognize. Dragged into a rehabilitation camp has brought a new world into perspective for Ishmael, one with the possibility of rejoining society as someone not tainted by the sorrows of war.


With the nightmares plaguing his dreams Ishmael spoke: “All had guns and Knives. They began to shoot, stab, and slice each other’s throats. But they would rise and then get killed again.”

Why is it that war must drown the memories and lives of men, woman, children in blood and despair? Pondering over his words, I wonder if he may ever take solace in anything that the world may ever grant him. I think he may never become accustomed to a world not filled with the firing of AKs and G3 in the midst of the night. All I see is a child with the furry of the war raging in his mind that clings to him like the soot of the thatched roofs he burned.



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