Reading Log #2 – A Long Way Gone

As I further explore the and delve into the world of Ishmael Beah I am met with some of the most ferocious scenes that you can find in the book that were endured by anyone. As a 15-year-old at the time, he’s been faced with some of the most morbid circumstances any teen could endure at such a young age, a moment of tragedy and loss. The life Ishamael had lived for the past two years was reaffirmed by a single statement.


As uttered by Ishmael during the evening of a bitter day: “My squad was my family, my gun was my provider and protector, and my rule was to kill or be killed.”


These ghastly words defined him, they stood for who he was as a person entirely, they abridged his life into only a single sentence. I wonder if he truly knows the connotation based on what he’s saying, once more, the veil of death that clung to these words. Words convey feelings that can be heart shattering, the fundamental sentiment that these words were built on go far beyond their connotation .



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