Bizarre It Must Be (HIKU)


Bizarre the colors

the honeybirds wings flutter

drops of nectar seep.


Bizarrely they grew

vines sprout from jagged edges

they strangled the pines.


The Gates of Hell


The word bizarre can date back centuries to its very origin within the English language, and it’s definition meaning odd, extravagant strange. However, this word must be used with care, only for the most peculiar people, the most bizarre experiences, and the strangest places on earth. It is within the Gates of Hell, a place on earth that myth fuses with reality.


Within the borders of Turkmenistan that a 230 feet wide gash in the desert floor spews scorching hot flames originated from the depths of the earth. Over 40 years ago a Soviet gas mining company perforated a small pit from where absurd amounts of natural gas could be detected. However, after a working accident, and on the verge of environmental catastrophe, the workers set the deposit alight, and so it has remained.


This massive crater has been blazing continuously for the past 40 years and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon, yet here is where the bizarre experience begin. When scientists with modern age equipment explored the surrounding area there were not nearly the needed amount of natural gas to supply the pit for an extended period of time, and the very same equipment began to malfunction. Bizarre occurrences began to occur shortly after within the neighboring town, the priest became increasingly paranoid of those attending their church, woman, and little children barking, yes barking, and entire homes were deserted. Myths rose across the region regarding the dangers of the Gates of Hell, yet science has not been able to prove the circumstances of any of these bizarre occurrences. A bizarre place indeed, may it be due to the remote location, the myths and the legends will haunt the many citizens of the haunted town until the day the Gates of Hell seize to burn.


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