To Fonso:


To my beloved cousin Fonso,

Hello Fonso, it’s your cousin Sigwald, how have you been and your kids?

It’s been over ten years since we’ve seen each other, we should get together sometime. How much time has gone by since our family has not met under our proud banner? The memories of hiding under the soft silk of our grand crimson flags, the night marches across the woods, oh and how could I forget, the endless target practice uncle Aksel dished out every day. Childhood, what an amazing thing it can be, and the innocence which it entails; however, these times have passed.

There has not been a moment of greater pride in my heart than to stand alongside my brothers during the Charlottesville protests, for we rose against those who intended to suppress our constitutional rights to free assembly and free speech. Have we ever violently rose to rebuff your protests or civil rights movements that you insist upon having, yet we have done nothing to deserve your hatred. There have been so many instances that your leftist media have oppressed our right to express our opinion openly without censorship or restrictions and you have angered us beyond repair. You have infringed upon our constitutional rights and we are here to fight you for what was given to us centuries ago.

I must say, that I did not recognize you at first, donning robes of abominable zealots that are determined to assail the ANP [American Nazi Party]; regardless, of my bewilderment, you stand with them. We were raised to be proud Americans, to safeguard the ideals of our ancestors: an all white supreme regime, an ethnostate lead by our glorious brothers and sisters, a pure race, a nation united under one color. You stood with me once, you betrayed our blood pack, over two decades of pledging, obedience, loyalty, trust, and love for our party and our ideals are thrown out by one single protest. You stood there in Charlottesville, holding our flag which you corrupted with vivid images of our oppositions symbols, a disgrace.

What right did you have to dishonor our emblems, our flags or obstruct our peaceful protest? Like you, we are Americans we have the right to public assembly despite aligning with a different ideology that you seek to bury, you dare stand against our Constitution. The ANP registered the permits needed, organized our members under a peaceful goal, we oppose the actions taken by those loathsome individuals in power, and we will fight if we must. It was the actions of Antifa, black lives matter groups, that led our fellow brother Alex Fields to shed blood. You caused this by blocking our path, by countering our peaceful expression of thought. The ways of Anti-Neo-Nazi groups have greatly influenced the rise of violence amongst your vile protests in the streets of our proud nation.

We have only sought to express our opinion through a nonviolent medium and we faced severe consequences for acting on our constitutional rights. I ask you cousin, and all of your kind, to obey our constitutional rights to assembly. To allow my fellow patriots to convene publicly, to express our opinions, to be justly represented in government by a constituent, to uphold the rights that you hold so high above your head but don’t apply to everyone. You demand respect, so grant it, you demand a place to assemble, grant us one too, you demand representation, so do we.


The men and woman who stood by you are a symbol of those who oppose our constitutional rights which were crafted by the fathers of our nation’s. You have infringed upon our rights, and you expected us to abide by it! You expected us to not come in force and you have found how wrong you are, and we will never allow anyone regardless of who they stand before us and defile the writing of our founding fathers. You have invoked our hatred towards the opposition forces, you do not want us represented in government, you do not want us to unite in public, and you thought you could harm us with your nefarious words. We wish only to exert our rights granted by the brave men that fought for us. Your actions have justified the use of force against those that stand against our constitutional rights, and this will not be the final time that we utilize violence to protect the rights we were granted. You have betrayed us but we will avenge those that you have been insulted.


From your betrayed cousin, we are no longer a family, you abandoned us

Sigwald Fürher




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