1.When do you feel like a grown-up?” “What affirms this?”


Like many others I feel like an adult when I undergo a rite of passage. It is the moment when I transitioned from boy to man marked the instant when I felt like an adult. My first pocket knife to my first drink with my dad, these are the moment when I became a man.

The feelings of adulthood are confirmed by the responsibilities I am given. As an adult I may not rely on my parents, and it is now that I most life my life by my own terms. I learn things I have never known I knew how to do ranging from cooking to cleaning. It is these reponsibilities that re-afirm adulthood.


2.Do we still need rites of passage?Do we need the physical and mental ordeals? Do we need the formality? 

We absolutly need rites of passage in our society. It is the mental and physical challenges which introduce us to adulthood witgin our culture. The mental challenges which are imposed upon the participantes of these rites of passage taste the trials that adulthood will impose upon them in the near future. Rites of passage are all but a formality, but rather a instant in the lives of many which mark a milestone so important that it may change the life of those who partake. We need rites of passage in socity, and without them when do we distinguish chilf from adult?



3.Do the old ones still apply, or do we need entirely new ones that make sense in today’s world? If so, what would they look like?

With the advances of socity it is only natural for rites of passage to digress from their original form. However, those cultures which are defined by their rites of passage do not need to change them, and they may apply.

The new rites of passge may be less physicaly demanding and rather a test of knowledge and understanding of social norms. A test of ubderstanding and one’s ability to incorporate into the new rules, rather than physical ability.


4.Have you gone through a rite of passage?

I passed the threshold that separated childhood from youbg adulthood. I took my first drink with my parents, and recieved my pocket knife. These are the instances that marked my transition from childhood into adulthood. These are some of the most important moments of my life.


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