Home Made Satire

All Animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

(Due to technical issues please click the link above to view the satire)

-What institutions, practices and or groups are being satirized? 

This satire aims to ridicule and point out the slave labor like conditions which can arise through the improper development of equality in any society. Furthermore, I intended to point out the lack of questions asked by the workers and the lack of individuality and self-expression of those who suffer in these conditions. Slavery is and has been a significant part of human society and history, yet there are still children forced to work hours on end, or entire families forced into labor camps where they are pushed beyond a breaking point of physical and emotional stability. I wish to bring to light the issues surrounding this rather large part of human history which is often ignored in our modern society.

-What Methods and Techniques are being used to construct satire? 

This satire has been set in a Juvenalia tone as it does not seek to evoke laughter or joy, for it seeks to bring about the anger and spite towards such a horrible topic. This satire should generate moral indignation in every reader as to forget such a large part of our history would be to repeat a horrible mistake. Furthermore, I used incongruity to develop this satire as a context of equality is set, but as any viewer will see the inequality amongst humans through the eyes of animals. This poster aims to demonstrate how “equality” might not always be as incredible as it might appear.


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