Dear Mr.Wolstein

[Please note this is a fictional letter, and it does not in any way reflect my thoughts on the novel The Lord of the Flies.]




Ignacio Benito

House number 12, Embassy Garden,

Clayton Panama, Ave Clayton

Ciudad de Panamá


January 11, 2017


John Wolstein

Head of the student library committee at U. S Grant High School

Oklahoma City, SW 48 St

Oklahoma State


Dear Mr.Wolstein:  


Is forcing our children to drown in the sea of immoral choices and disgraceful actions that we present to them as “reality”,  truly the right path to teaching them about their inner selves? A book may be a brilliant tool to teach students about foreign cultures, history, and how to explore the world around them, yet what you have done by exposing students to the barbaric actions within the pages of The Lord of the Flies written by William Golding has caused irreparable damage to their morals and principals. The current reading material for 8th-grade English students, The Lord of the Flies, is an appalling example of a world infested with chaos and the homicidal instincts of a hysterical group of 13 – 14-year-olds. Thus for the reasons mentioned I believe it is in our children’s self-interest for this book to be removed from our libraries shelves. As a concerned parent, I believe that exposing my child to excessive violence at such a young age will encourage outrageous behavior which could lead to severe physical and emotional harm. Furthermore, the author of this grotesque novel is a depraved and broken man who has seen the worst extent of man’s rage; which in turn has lead him to write his deranged memories and force them upon others. Finally, it is the chaos within the book that drove me to take action against this novel, and the demonstration of utter chaos and lawlessness is too much for any parent to allow their child to read.

Who has the right to decide who shall be stripped of life or shall have the privilege to die of old age, or for a 14-year-old to live his life behind bars because he read something which instigated a violent episode? The actions that are depicted by the author throughout the novel range from the decapitation and impalement of a boar’s head to the demented murder of an innocent child; when violence is justified regardless if in a fictional novel then all that remains is pure malice. Violence is perhaps the greatest evil among humans, and yet we resign from removing it from our literature. Any concerned parent would inform themselves about their child’s reading material, and thus I picked up this abominable novel only to find that at page 255 a poor and helpless child is murdered by those around him, and but for one lone child, there is not one that feels remorse over their actions. Furthermore, studies have shown the violence in media such as TV, video games, READING, and other types of media increases violent thoughts and actions in young children and teens. Is it worth it running the risk of turning a mentally fit child or teen and disturbing them with what apparently is a justified act of violence without apparent consequences such as those within the novel? If violence is so prominent in media and it has shown to cause spurs of uncontrolled and sporadic violence what impedes us from taking the first step and removing books such as these?  Raw, uncensored, and brutal violence are not a way of informing our children about the dangers they might encounter; but it is a way to spoil the miracles that life presents to them.

The Lord of the Flies is the work of William Golding, a man who’s the only job it is to remind the world of the atrocities he witnessed as a young man during a blood filled conflict. A man can transcend the deepest levels of rage and depression as he witnesses the life of another individual seeping away, and for a life to expire under violent circumstances can forever devastate an individual. He was drafted into the navy during World War 2 and participated in the invasion of D-Day, and several other of the bloodiest battles of this era.  His time on beaches of Normandy was plagued by the stench of death and cries of the injured which littered the coastline: blood, limbs, and lost lives lay upon these beaches. How is a man supposed to overcome the horrors and moreover how is that man supposed to reintegrate into society? How are our children supposed to cope with the material he writes? Children who are barely beginning to experience what life is truly is like should not be constantly reminded of the hatred and horror that a man witnessed long ago. My son does not need to witness how deranged the imagination of this man has become as time has withered away all sense of sanity from his mind. If a man such as this: who has lost his sanity, witnessed genocide at a young age and believes that forcing his agony upon other has the right to scar our children, so what stops our children from descending into the same spree of madness.


Some may advocate for this abhorrent and vile piece of literature on the basis of providing children with insight into the world with no law or order. They claim that by “informing” our children on such a topic will make them avoid a path of self-destruction. However, these same parents are ignorant towards the reality of setting a negative role model for young teens; and the nefarious consequences that doing so could have. Setting a path which does not have any figure of authority or consequence to their immediate actions will be the onset of a slippery slope with a very treacherous ending. This novel is a continuous representation of a world in chaos which has splintered from all sense of order which provides the perfect stage for; brutality, emotional abuse, and disobedience. A constant struggle between anarchy and order is present throughout the book, nonetheless, it is at page 179 where this once united group of boys separates. Each group is comprised of individuals with vastly different ideologies on how to run the meager group of boys; one believes that an organized and civilized society will be their salvation while the other believes it is the lack of order and rules which will bring about their freedom. From here on all and any remaining elements of a once civilized society is lost, and replaced by emotional turmoil and disarray. Am I to allow my child to follow in the footsteps of these maniacal beasts which once resembled kids? Permitting our children to live their life without any laws to live by and a figure of authority to correct them allows them to abide by crime and irrationality; the essence of criminals. Developing in a controlled and orderly environment constructs a positive lifestyle that our children are bound to follow by years of experiencing the benefits of such as s situation. Order allows for growth, yet this novel promotes a chaotic and dangerous environment for any developing teen.


Embedding the bizarre, cruel, and disheartening into the mind of teens is the path that you have chosen to evoke a sense of desperation in the hearts of our children, and thus I ask you once more remove this book from our library. Why concern our children with murder and physical abuse when we could show them how to live in harmony? Moreover, publishing the dreadful works of this man is allowing a traumatised man to force his pain onto others. The utter chaos which the reader has to endure is a gateway to the obscene and a child can easily succumb to the treacherous benefits of a world in chaos. Mr. Wolstein, I beg you, remove this filth ridden novel from our shelves before any more unsuspecting students are forced to endure the excruciating horrors contained in this book. You have already ruined the world for a scarce few, but before you continue with handing out this book I ask you, what is there truly to gain from this book? To see a world governed by violence and chaos has no moral value, it is by presenting our children with a material such as this that we pave the road for criminals. Remove this book and you shall see that nothing is lost and our children will soon live a life governed by good and not evil.


I thank you for your time and I hope that my worries will not fall upon deaf ears,


Ignacio Benito



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