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Why was my book banned?


    Why Was my Book Banned?


The Lord of The Flies an extraordinary novel written by William Golding, a bildungsroman about a stranded group of boys who release their inner savagery when rules are removed. The author of this dystopian novel was openly criticized for his extensive commentary on WW2; and his use of allegories which referred to the repressed human savagery, and the violence contained in several scenes. Furthermore, the allegories towards religious groups and believed was another key point towards the book receiving such negative opinions by very conservative spiritual groups. There have been challenges towards this book since 1974 up until a 2000 incident which occurred in Bloomfield, NY in an accelerated English course.

Published on September 17, 1954, this novel would face criticism throughout decades to come, parents considered some of the scenes to be excessively “graphical”  or “Obscene” due to the violent nature of some chapters. Parents throughout several US high schools banded together to publicly challenge the book in order to remove the book from School libraries, and after several attempts, the book was banned and removed in certain libraries. Two of such occasions where in Dallas, Tx Independent School District (Multiple High School Libraries) and challenged at SD High School for the same reason, excessive use of violence and grotesque language and finally the graphic content. Both of these high schools retained the book within their libraries but multiple other attempts to ban this book which succeeds but was not recorded; and yet a Canadian Board of Education openly denounced the book to be removed from ALL libraries.

The leaders of most book challenges and bans are led parents, those who believe that their children should not have complete liberty to read whatever literature they are provided with. Those who advocated for the removal of Lord of The Flies justified their judgments by claiming the scenes which contained the murder of children by others the same age was/is believed to be too grotesque. Furthermore, parents whose children read the novel claim the language contained within certain sections of the book are too profane, and use the lord’s name in vain. Lastly, criticism of religious hypocrisy would bring the downfall of this novel of years to come, but after years of fighting for our rights to

Though the book was removed in certain school libraries, it has been reinstituted since organizations such as the ALA have fought for free literature. The Lord of the Flies is an amazing novel which warns of us the dangers of the repressed savagery and the violence we exert upon others when we are unrestricted. Free thought and unrestricted literacy are key to allow our world not to repeat previous mistakes, and to nourish enlightenment in our modern society.




What technique did I utilize

I utilized the propaganda technique of name calling and to a certain extent unwarranted extrapolation. The principal technique which was used during the creation of this poster was name calling, a technique focused on antagonizing and creating a negative image of an idea, individual, campaign, product, etc… I believe by utilizing this technique the poster will have a great impact upon any individual who sees it as every individual will feel a tinge of hatred due to the language and format of the poster towards book banners. A crowd is much easier to sway when they have rallied AGAINST a particular idea, and not in support of that idea. Name calling is highly effective when something needs to be seen as terrible or harmful to someone or something that is cherished.

Quick Explanation of the poster 


The poster above uses the following words as the key to its’ meaning, Ignorants, Illiterates, Saboteurs. These words are aimed towards those who blindly and ignorantly support book banning, and to those who are oblivious to how they are sabotaging their own future. Furthermore, as we progress down the poster we see the following text “Say NO to book banning  — OR WE READERS ALL BURN.” This text is the main message of the poster, for it explains the consequences which shall be endured if those who are ignorant towards the importance of books are free to do as they please.  Finally, the main four visuals of the poster can be seen which consists of a blindfolded man (a book banner blinded by his ignorance), a man and a woman warning the man of his impending doom (Those who have warned about the consequences of book banning), and to conclude a flaming pit with the remnants of burning books (all the books destroyed by the blindfolded man).  It all culminates in the actions of the blindfolded man, and how his actions lead to his eventual doom and so will that of those willing to follow him. Warnings have been said, but they fell upon deaf ears.


Name Calling     


1) Who is the target audience? What evidence suggests this?

The target audience within this poster is the average reader as they make up the majority of the reading population around the world. The following text indicates that this poster is direct to the general reading population “Or WE READERS all burn.” The word which is key to his is “we readers” as it indicates people who read as a whole and not just a particular group of people. This combination of words brings in anybody who reads, regardless of what genre they read or what gender they are. However, this poster is direct towards a bit older readers as the some of the language is not going to be within the vocabulary of younger children. This poster targets all those who read and are able to comprehend the language which the poster has.

2) Examine the objects in the illustration. What other observations do you have that indicate this as an example of Name Calling propaganda?

The blindfolded man is looked upon as a fool. His blind trust in himself and in his beliefs have led him down a path of destruction and cluelessness as he heads into a flaming pit. The man behind him is calling out his foolishness as he continues on his path down a slippery slope which is bound to disaster. The woman calls him out for his ignorance, for he did heed her warnings. It is the burning pit which symbolizes the destruction of intellect and enlightenment which make the blindfolded man seem so foolish to fall into, and even after so many warnings.

3) Would language enhance this advertisement? Why? Why not?

Language has enhanced this poster as it states a clear message and helps the audience realize what book banning truly is, and who participates in it. The use of words such as ignorant and saboteurs point out the negative qualities in book banning. Furthermore, by placing the subject directly above a negative adjective a person will immediately link that subject to that negative connotation of the word. I believe language enhances this advertisement greatly as it helps transmit the message and the opinion which the creator of the poster wants the audience to have on the related subject, campaign, object etc… Name calling in general greatly benefits from language as it CLEARLY antagonizes and gives a demanding association to someone or something the creator of the poster opposes.


4) What is the fight?

It is the struggle for liberty in literature which has lead to the creation of this poster. There are those who oppose restriction and the banning of books against those who believe that the destruction of intellectual property is justified. Tha man and the woman on the right represent those who fought for liberty in literature, and the blindfolded man represents those who believe in banning works of literature. Their struggle to compel the opposite side to agree has led one of them to their own demise through their actions and blind trust.(thus the blindfold) The struggle continues as even if one side suffers the other will have to rebuild what has been lost during this fight which has taken its toll upon literature.

5) What other observations do you have about the way the Name Calling technique is used in this advertisement?

The blindfolded man is a representation of all which should never occur in our modern and developed world. He has blindly trusted and fallen for the deceptive ideas which something like book banning stand for. The man and woman are calling out the flaws of the blindfolded man, yet the remains with his original belief of which leads him to his own destruction.

6) Is this advertisement effect?


I do believe this advertisement is effective, however, it could do with some more artistic output. The color scheme could change depending how the rest of the poster is assembled, and possibly some of the fault.  However, I believe the message is well written out and clear to the viewer of this advertisement and they will feel swayed to support the anti-book banning campaign. The poster overall looks organized and clean and nothing seems to be covering up essential parts of the poster which makes this appealing to the eye from both close up and far away. This poster would be effective, but once again it could do with some more artistic input.



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