I feel like so many aspects of growing up are thrown at me just about every day. Every day that I talk to my friends they throw something new at me, or a chat with my parents reveals something new about my age. Gosh, and I am only 13. I have a friend, Pedro, he can be quite childish at times. It really seems to me that he is simply not able to grasp that we have left behind things like soccer cards or not doing your homework.  The conversations I have always take the same turn, first he starts off with questions like “Who do you like” or “So have you gotten any new toys.” The worst part of these conversations are that they drag on for hours; he never talks about things like what he wants to study or topics which have global impacts.

I decided to confront him about this, and he answered me like this “Well aren’t we still kids?” This honestly took me by surprise as I really thought that everyone had left this stage behind. Then I realized he might not have been ready to leave these things behind. Further on  I started to take a look at the things that I thought I had left behind. My first books and the cars position on my desk are all things which tied me back to my childhood. I talked to my friends and family about those exact things just like he talked about his soccer cards.  There were things which still meant so much to me, and I was not about to give them up. I guess we all have things which we might have to start leave behind but we just aren’t ready to.


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