The Crazed Mob

[Names blanked out for privacy reasons]


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All hell broke loose, and for the most absurd reason too. However before I  delve any deeper into this small portion of my daily life; I will give you some back story to how this class pans out. Some of my frustration in school is due to the obnoxious and loud students who will not be quiet regardless of  what you say to them. To start of the teacher takes attendance which happens to take around 15 minutes due to those same students being overly loud and deafening out any other sound. [They love the sound of their own voices] Further on we look at some random topic the teacher picks out, and followed by a huge class discussion leaving no time to actually work.  Remember those loud students from before; I hope so because those same students turn a peaceful class into something closely related to anarchy. Most of the time this is irrelevant as the teacher will proceed to shush them and continue on with a organized whole class discussion.

The amusing part of this story begins when the teacher decides to mention how long a proper paragraph has to be. Everyone instinctively agreed with the teacher and praised her as if she had just discovered the map to the holly grail.  Being the trilingual student I am and knowing a thing or two about paragraph structure I raised my hand and politely said “Sorry Ms.____ I don’t particularly agree with that rule.”  From here on out the next 20 minutes felt as if I were victim to a world wide man hunt, for had I not only disagreed with the teacher I  also had gone against them. The most outspoken peers stood up to face me and yell at me about how I could not know more than a teacher who had dedicated their life and studies to learning a language. Now, I could have been wrong, if had I not spoken to my english teacher about the correct size and constitution of a paragraph. The lesser outspoken students decided that if they could not beat them they would join them,  and they followed suit. Finally with this there were a total of 19 students yelling and cursing me out for openly speaking my opinion; I felt cornered in like a wild animal which had broken into someones’ home.  My peers not only forced me to give up my own opinion but they also left one thing very clear, and that is that I will not speak again unless I agree.

So much for freedom of speech right?



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  1. aidansblog9 says:

    Good slice of life Ignacio I can relate to disagreeing with the teacher in art and I understand what you mean. I liked how you formated it and made it seem like you were talking to me. Im sorry I could not find anything that was incorrect but I just think you did very well.


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