Necio, That Is What You Are

CT 2.jpg

Always there is that kid,
but sometimes there are two for the price of one.
Clearly ones is always lurking in the corner,
Don´t they annoy you too?
Especially when they talk.
Falsifying every single story they tell.
Gullible, thats what he thinks I am;
Honestly does he know who he is speaking too.
Ignorant too, go figure.
Jod** callate!
Kicking us for what seems no apparent  reason, and
Listening is something he can’t seem to
Necio thats what we all think  he is.
Outrages are the lies he intends to tell us;
Poorly crafted too.
Quotes all of us have said before he claims as his.
Ridiculous, that, is what he makes himself look like.
Shon (Altered for some due to privacy)
Talking, tedious at the least, so
Unbelievably bothersome you are when you talk.
Very loud you are when you speak.
Who even invited you to the conversation.
Xeric, are the lies you tells.
You follow us every where, why?
Zorry, but will you stop talking.


One Comment Add yours

  1. aidansblog9 says:

    Hello Ignacio, I think that you did a great job; and the meme you chose to do made it more interesting and by the end you had to use good vocabulary. But there were some grammar errors but I think that they happened because you were using the alphabet to write this blog post.


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