Gender Roles and Expecations

I believe that parents/guardians should raise their teenage kids in the same manner without being influenced by the gender of their child. Both genders should grow up without feeling restricted. No child should be expected to behave according to norms and expectations which were created to enforce a very restricted life style which would influence the lives of both genders. If a boy decides he likes dance, or a girl likes to play American Football there is no reason, to treat them differently because they don’t fall into the sexist expectations created centuries ago.

Both genders should be able to do anything during their life regardless of their gender. Treating each gender differently could convey a feeling of inequality and gender segregation amongst children. Men in latin American culture live in a concept known as machismoMachismo is defined as the aggressive and rude attitude exerted by males in order to appear dominant. Teenage boys who live under this concept  believe if they decided to engage in none “manly”hobbies or interests they will be discriminated  and bullied by other boys living under the same norms. If boys are given preference above their girl counterparts it will create tension which could miseducate the teens into an unequal way of thinking.  The same goes if preference is given to the girl teen, the counterpart might feel excluded and reprimanded by the way their parents treat them.

We are able to witness how even today people discriminate against people who have interests which do not fall into the cruel and restrictive gender roles and stereotypes.

I was born in Mexico, one of the countries which has not been able to being the leave behind gender roles and expectations. Having been born there and having the majority of my family still residing there I was able to see just how much these norms still apply in today’s culture. Having three male cousins living in Mexico each with different ages allowed me to analyze and imagine how a daughter would have fared in the same environment.  While my three cousins are to do as they please around the house and with their friends; but a daughter would have been mostly restricted to stay at home and learn how to tend to the house, leaving no time for a social life. She would have to help the mother tend to the needs of all four men in the house examples of this are laundry, cleaning, cooking, doing the dishes and other chores. Mexico has not been able to shake this skin it is currently wearing. It hinders the development of the country and does not allow for the female population to grow culturally. As a second point a teenage boy would be heavily discriminated and bullied against if his interests did not match the the ones of the rest of they boys which from personal experience is soccer, soccer and even more soccer. Further on in the life of this teen he would face hard choices which would involve which career he would choose, would it be what he wants or what his family, friends and Mexican society as a whole is pressuring him to do.


Once again parents/guardians should treat both genders equally, not matter what. This involves all aspects of their lives. Initially it will be hard to override the gender roles we have implanted in our heads but it will further the development of our world and species. The children are the future [US]so we have to be sure that we treat each other the same without considering our gender. Let’s move away from these restrictive roles and further the lives of millions who are being oppressed by them.


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